JointAction: We eat the world

Date: 13.11.21 - 27.11.21
Heure: ###TIME###
Genre: Jeunes / jeunes adultes

Food is essential, traditional, political. With this year’s JointAction we want to take a look at food around the world and collect your favorite recipes to share. We want do find out what people in different culturesplaces eat, where the ingredients come from and how it is it all linked to cultures, religion and global justice.  

You can join the campaign alone, with friends or as a group and send us via our website your favorite recipes along with stories, pictures or backgrounds about your chosen dish. young@mission21 collects all the recipes and joins them to a cookbook with inspirations from all over the world. From 13th .- 27th . November we will share the different recipes via social media, take a closer look at cultural backgrounds of the different submissions and share inspirations for different activities surrounding food and cooking. The finished cookbook will be made available as a download online as well as being sent as a physical copy to everyone submitting a recipe.

So join this year’s JointAction, send us your favorite or most special recipe and become part of young@mission21’s global network!

Find further information on as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

Lieu: Online
Organisateur: Team young@mission21
Courriel: christof.hofer(at)
Direction: Christof Hofer, Regionalkoordinator Mission 21, Projekte junge Erwachsene